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Newest Goodies!

Here are the Posie Badge and Boy Badge I made for my friends Steph and Darin. They work at a school in Wisconsin and are so dedicated and supportive that they are wearing them for graduation this year! I had so much fun with the blue felt flower in Steph’s badge, and I liked the old silver button on Darin’s badge. I thought it made his look more masculine.

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Custom Jobs!

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One of the most enjoyable parts of making a Magnetic Posie Badge is knowing who will be wearing my creation.  For example, I have many thoughtful and stylish friends who sometimes commission me to make them something for a special event.  A student recently asked me to maker her something for a graduation party.  A dear friend asked me to make her something for herself and her husband to wear at graduation to show support for the graduating class.  So Fun!

I enjoy making things for my friends and family so much, that I went on ahead and made a couple for friends and family for Mother’s Day 2011 and just popped them off in the mail.  It was Very Satisfying.  Here are some pictures of the Mother’s Day Badges I sent out.

Why I Craft

There are so many reasons why I lock myself up in the Crafts Attic and immerse myself in bits of fabric and yarn.  First of all, it’s cathartic.  There’s nothing like outwardly expressing my innards by creating a little posie badge.  Sometimes I feel like there’s so much happening in my brain, that making something helps to clear out a little corner in my mind.  Working with the colors, shapes, and textures is so relaxing, too!  It helps me to remember to give back.  Donating to charity helps me remember that I am not the only person in this world.  Right now, my etsy shop is donating 30% of each purchase to The American Red Cross.  Also, crafting helps me to keep on being myself.

Magnetic Posie Badges

Here are a few of my favorites!